Current Projects


A Platform and Forum for Choreographic Work Engaging with Refugees

Make/Shift Collaborators

Claire Pencak  Dancer/Choreographer

Tim Rubidge    Dancer/Choreographer

Christo Wallers  Film Maker

Make/Shift began as a programme of movement and film research responding to a growing desire amongst the artistic community to engage with the international refugee situation in ways that support and promotes cross-cultural understanding and community cohesion. The research is not attempting to reflect the refugee experience but to examine the broader role of movement research and film making to contribute to social change and social justice issues.

As the project unfolds Make/Shift is becoming a platform and forum for different voices including artists, asylum seekers, school children, educators, academics, refugee support agencies and local government officers.

Follow this project by going to the project blog site     MakeShiftNetworks


Deep Time Dances

in development

‘No vestige of a beginning – no prospect of an end’

James Hutton, Geologist ( and Berwickshire Farmer)

This project came into being through participating in the Practising Deep Time Group Residency @ Timespan, Helmsdale, Sutherland in November 2016.

We considered deep time through three sets of sites – the vast peatland water/landscape of the Flow Country  – neolithic burial sites – and  the nuclear presence at Dounreay.

I am bringing it back to Jedburgh as the concept of ‘deep time’ was first described in 1788 by Scottish geologist James Hutton as illustrated by the geological feature of the Jedburgh Unconformity.

This is my winter 2016 /2017 project.


The Bakery

      collaborative work space

The Bakery is part of Jedburgh Community Trust’s ambitious development plans for the Port House building on Exchange Street. Built within the walls of the old corn exchange this warehouse building may have been a mill at one time before becoming Grant’s Bakery.

 It currently offers an inspiring no-frills creative work space and a space for studio showings, experimental performances and workshops.

You can find me on the top floor.

The Bakery Studio

Rear of 9, Exchange Street



Google Map –   Grants Bakery


In-the-Making Collective

…we are thrown into shifting assemblages, which remake us as well as our others.
The Mushroom at the End of the World: On the Possibility of Life in Capitalist Ruins
Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing. Princeton University Press

We are a dancer led initiative – a shifting assemblage of dancers and other artists – a structure for unpredictable encounters.

In – the -Making Collective is an experiment around processes of making, multi- authorship and shared leadership
It is not the realisation of an individual vision but of many visions
A polyphonic medley – making space for many voices.

We are cultivating a self -sustaining approach to support and nourish our individual practices in the company of others – fostering collaboration and creative co-operation- working it out together.

Mushroom! is our first offering
We envisage more.
The work will be in- the –making.
This is not a work- in -progress but a model for progressing new work.


Mushroom!  Gayfield Square Spaces, Edinburgh

August 24th – 29th 2016

Showing twice daily

Nicholas Bone    Ian Cameron    Amy Longmuir    Matthew Hawkins    Merav Israel   Rosalind Masson    Alex McCabe    Sheila Mcdougall    Brigid McCarthy   Tony Mills   Claire Pencak    Bill Thompson

You really have to go and see this more than once it changes as fast as a mushroom growing! I couldn’t stop smiling! I left energised and grinning!! What a brilliant piece of work!!!!

Audience member

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