BATCH:2 Experiments in Making

BATCH:2 is the second annual season of Sunday afternoon performances throughout August at The Bakery Studio, Jedburgh.  This year the programme has expanded to include experimental studio performances, dance screenings and dance installations and  brings together many of Scotland’s most innovative and distinguished dance makers to perform works that push at the edges of contemporary dance. The thread running through the programme is an exploration of different ways of making, performing and presenting including movement scores, collaborative working and improvisational structures. Several of the performances include live music and audiences are invited to stay for post- performance conversations over tea and coffee, which opens the work up for discussion.

Artists include Tim Rubidge, Audicia Lynne Morley, In the Making, air field collective, Merav Israel and Dudendance.

Alongside the performance series, throughout the month of August, visual artist Felicity Bristow will be developing an installation of her experimental paper and pigment ‘Unconformities’ exploring the physical structure of the studio space and its own unique environmental conditions, revealing ephemeral and ‘alternative truths’ about the site.

Full Programme

Sunday August 4th          4pm

Double Bill with Tim Rubidge & Audicia Lyne Morley

Introducing the work & legacy of dancers Sigurd Leeder (Germany/Switzerland) & Anna Halprin (USA).

Tim Rubidge Hope Etudes

Hope Etudes |Tim Rubidge

Hope Etudes                                  performance & talk

Dancer Tim Rubidge reflects on the influence of his teacher Sigurd Leeder, one of the pioneers of modern expressive dance. The ‘Hope Etudes’ are a series of four linked pieces created by Tim in recent years.

Moss: In Appreciation                performance & talk

“The rocks are beyond slow, beyond strong, and yet yielding to a soft green breath as powerful as a glacier. The mosses wearing away their surfaces grain by grain bringing them slowly back to sand.“   Robin Wall Kimmerer From ‘Gathering Moss’

Moss. In Appreciation.

Moss: In Appreciation | Audicia Lynne Morley

A work in progress showing of new work by Audicia Lynne Morley with dancer Claire Pençak which uses creative processes developed by the dancer Anna Halprin, including the RSVP Cycles and the Tamalpa Life/Art Methodology.


Returning Home            film screening                   5pm start

Tamalpa Banner

A dance documentary Returning Home (2003) in which 80 – something Anna Halprin, uses movement as a means of connecting the individual to nature, and art to real life. In collaboration with performance artist Eeo Stubblefield, Halprin moves along thresholds of earth, wind, water and fire, discovering lessons in loss and liberation. Whether surveying the charred remains of her home, or her scars from cancer and aging, Halprin finds beauty and meaning even in the destructive forces of nature. (45 min.)

This event is part of the afternoon programme ticket but can be attended separately to the performances.

Sunday August 11th           4pm                     

In the Making (iv)              performance & informal post- show conversation

A fascinating experience’ The Skinny

In the Making (iv). Image Matthew Hawkins

In the Making (iv)  Image by Matthew Hawkins

In the Making is a shifting assemblage of dancers from emerging artists to seasoned international influencers with a diverse and rich range of dance and performance histories. Underpinned by scores-for-movement and sound, the work you will experience is realised as a composition in real time. In this their fourth performance adventure, each performer will write and perform their own score…unknown to anyone else…what happens is the sum of their personal plans and intentions in a complex interactivity.

In the Making Performers include – Nicholas Bone, Ian Cameron, Matthew Hawkins, Merav Israel, Amy Longmuir, Sheila Macdougall, Alex McCabe, Brigid McCarthy, Rosalind Masson, Tony Mills, Peter Nelson, Claire Pençak, Amy Robertson

You are invited to stay for a post -show conversation over tea or coffee, which will consider scores as a process of making. What is a score for performance? How do they work? What do they allow?  

Sunday August 18th               4pm

Radio Play      air field collective         performance & post show conversation

air field collective

Radio Play | air field collective. Dancer Ian Spink

Radio Play is our air field version; an alternate experience of radio, immersing sound and text within a visual moving theatre where the audience can imagine and assemble the stories in their minds and observe the physical actions.

Radio Play’s attends to connections, pathways, valleys, channels. The flows created by repeated activities, movements, words and journeys: of humans or animals or minerals, microbes or sand, air, water or ice, stone… or time.

These movements of fluids, nutrients, heat, history, minerals, information: feed, inform, re-fresh and re-balance our world. As do human stories that reach back thousands of years, that have branched out, divided, re-connected like the roots of a tree or the delta of a river.

Inspired by the writings of Robert McFarlane, (Holloway), Nan Shepherd, (The Living Mountain) and Peter Wohlleben (The Hidden Life of Trees) have discovered intriguing potential for new sound and physical landscapes. The words present exciting rhythmic possibilities, revealing a wellspring of primal and intellectual inspiration and allowing us new connections with landscape and the natural world.

‘dancers are uniquely well placed to communicate the… reality of the human body, and the proposition that climate change and ecological crisis are (also) happening inside your (own) body, right now.’  Michael Paul Henry, director of UNFIX

Performers – Selina Boyack, Skye Reynolds, Nichola Scrutton and Ian Spink.                                                     

                                            Sunday August 25th

Prelude | Off-site event             

木の間   Among trees                           2pm                          Hundalee Farm

An etude for bodies, woodland and sculptural objects accompanied by live drawing.

This is an improvised dance-art event that emerged from a series of workshops exploring the dwelling practices of roe deer. It is an investigation into sensing place that began with a more -than- human perspective as a way to move more deeply into woodland. The audience is invited to wander within the woods during the event which will last 20 minutes.

Hundalee Mill Farm, Jedburgh, TD8 6PA as part of an Open Studio Weekend hosted by Thomas Hawson and Jenny Ozwell.

Performers from the  Extending Practice Group – Jenna Agate, Helen Douglas, Tom Hawson, Liz Hay, Claire Pençak and Nicky Toneri.

                                         Back at The Bakery

Double Bill: Dance on Screen            4pm

Aluma            Merav Israel                   moving image installation

Merav Israel Aluma

Aluma| Merav Israel

‘Aluma’ is the vision of dancer, choreographer and director Merav Israel, working with film artist Ruth Barrie, and musician/composer Nik Paget-Tomlinson. This 30 minute video installation is a choreographic composition between three screens which brings a sense of body, object, and space experience to the audience. With its gentle sequence of events, it evokes a sense of storytelling, journey and memory.

Dudendance                 film screening and conversation with the artists


Bohemios | Dudendance

‘Like the tango, this film is timeless song. I could enjoy it again and again.

Eye for Film Review

Artistic Directors Clea Wallis and Paul Roux, present an archive program of their early experimental film installation works shot in Argentina and Brasil including the short Bohemios (1999, B/W, 8mm). Musa Galante, an old Tango maestro from Buenos Aires tells of his obsession with death and his bizarre experiments with dying. The film follows him around the Tango bars of La Boca as he dances with his partner. Inspired by the dance marathons of the 1920s, the film deals with exhaustion, youth and age.

Venue Details  The Bakery Studio, Top Floor, Exchange St, Jedburgh, TD8 6BH

Directions Go down the alleyway between the Jed Chippy and Martin Fisher’s Massage on Exchange Street off the Market Cross. Grant’s Bakery is on the left- hand side & the studio is on the top floor. Look out for our A-Boards on the street. Please be aware that the Bakery Studio is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible.

Tickets               Available on the door.

Cash only please, no card payments possible.

Each performance programme                               £5.00 / £2.00 for Under 18’s

Screening only of ‘Returning Home’                      £2.50 / £1.00 for Under 18’s


Free car parking with EV charging point next to the bus station & Visit Scotland Office, a 5 min walk to The Bakery.

Bus: Please check Sunday service timetables.

51 from Edinburgh to Jedburgh (Borders Buses)

20 Hawick -Jedburgh – Kelso (Peter Hogg)

Small map

Image Credits:

Moss: In Appreciation | Image Audicia Lynne Morley & Derek Houghton

Aluma | Merav Israel. Image Still from Film.

Hope Etudes| Dancer Tim Rubidge

Radio Play | air field collective. Image Brian Hartley. Dancer Ian Spink

Bohemios | Dudendance. Image Still from Film

In the making (iv) | Image Matthew Hawkins



Programme Curation                                                Claire Pençak

Marketing and Publicity                                            Ken Bartlet

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